Build your own 12V DC Engine Generator

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Electricity generators

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How can we generate electricity?

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The motor runs on the electrical input current while the generator creates the electrical output current, with power flowing between the two machines as a mechanical torque ; this provides electrical isolation and some buffering of the power between the two electrical systems. One use is to eliminate spikes and variations in "dirty power" power conditioning or to provide phase matching between different electrical systems.

DIY 12V Generator Charger - 10 Demonstration and How to Build

Another use is to buffer extreme loads on the power system. For example, tokamak fusion devices impose very large peak loads, but relatively low average loads, on the electrical grid. The DIII-D tokamak at General Atomics , the Princeton Large Torus PLT at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory , and the Nimrod synchrotron at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory each used large flywheels on multiple motor—generator rigs to level the load imposed on the electrical system: the motor side slowly accelerated a large flywheel to store energy , which was consumed rapidly during a fusion experiment as the generator side acted as a brake on the flywheel.

Similarly, the next generation U. Navy aircraft carrier Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System EMALS will use a flywheel motor—generator rig to supply power instantaneously for aircraft launches at greater than the ship's installed generator capacity. Before solid state AC voltage regulation was available or cost effective, motor generator sets were used to provide a variable AC voltage.

The DC voltage to the generators armature would be varied manually or electronically to control the output voltage. When used in this fashion, the MG set is equivalent to an isolated variable transformer. An Alexanderson alternator is a motor-driven, high-frequency alternator which provides radio frequency power. In the early days of radio communication, the high frequency carrier wave had to be produced mechanically using an alternator with many poles driven at high speeds.

Alexanderson alternators produced RF up to kHz, with large units capable of kW power output. While electromechanical converters were regularly used for long wave transmissions in the first three decades of the 20th century, electronic techniques were required at higher frequencies. The Alexanderson alternator was largely replaced by the vacuum tube oscillator in the s.

Motor—generators have even been used where the input and output currents are essentially the same.

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  • In this case, the mechanical inertia of the M—G set is used to filter out transients in the input power. The output's electric current can be very clean noise free and will be able to ride-through brief blackouts and switching transients at the input to the M—G set. This may enable, for example, the flawless cut-over from mains power to AC power provided by a diesel generator set. Other possible sources of energy include a paddle that you can connect to the alternator so you can harness the power of moving water. Connect a battery charger and batteries to it to see if the batteries recharge.

    Use a multimeter or voltmeter to measure the voltage to see if you can achieve 12 volts. Aside from a homemade battery charger from an alternator setup, you can use the generator to power refrigerators, stoves or other electronic appliances in your house. Though it won't be a free energy alternator system as you'll have to use a source of power, you can measure how much voltage there is in these processes using a multimeter or voltmeter. To create a wind generator, in addition, you should apply the car alternator in a specific way.

    You can use a fan clutch from a vehicle as a wind generator for your alternator-generator setup. Attach the blades of the fan clutch to the alternator itself so that the alternator's fan lines up with the shaft of the alternator. Check to ensure the alternator-generator's built-in wires and additional plugins are on the bottom of the generator.

    Where does electricity come from?

    The blades for the wind generator are repurposed from a vehicle fan clutch. To attach the blades to the alternator, you can weld the fan clutch hub directly to the alternator hub — just make certain the fan is perfectly in line with the alternator shaft. If you connect a wind turbine engine to a car alternator, you need to make sure the setup can withstand the strength of the winds themselves. Bolting the alternator down to a secure piece of metal or other material to keep it stable can make sure it works efficiently and effectively.

    Build a High Power Homemade AC/DC Generator System | Blog

    If you need to take the parts of the alternator setup apart later, make sure you're able to do so with screws and bolts you use to fasten the alternator-generator down. You can use the parts and steps of this method to create other forms of generators and power sources for other purposes such as entire houses, electric-powered boats or other uses in which you don't have power immediately available to you. You can experiment with a variety of alternator-like power sources such as lawn mower engines, car batteries or other generators that make use of engine pulleys to power other objects.

    Make sure you have the wrenches, drills, belts, screwdrivers, ratchets and other equipment necessary. The 12 V system is common to other sources of electrical power.