Flame and the Rebel Riders (Pony Club Secrets, Book 9)

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She owns Blaze, Storm, and Comet, and used to own Mystic before he was killed in a freak car accident saving the other horses, including Stella's pony Coco, Kate's horse Toby, and Natasha's pony Goldrush, as well as Issie herself, during a gymkhana.

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Issie is an extremely talented rider, who has the ability to take it to the top and win multiple awards as well as inspiring many young riders. Stella Tarrant is Issie's best friend.

Stella is bubbly, mischievous and described by Issie as 'boy-mad'. She has short red curly hair and a freckly complexion.

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Stella loves playing pranks and winding up people. She used to own Coco but currently owns Marmite. Kate Knight is Issie's other best friend, completely the opposite to Stella, Kate is sensible and mature. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and is extremely tall. Kate has a way with children, which comes in handy in Comet and the Champion's Cup. She owns an ex-racehorse called Toby.

Flame and the Rebel Riders

Tom used to be a famous eventer in his youth, but after seriously injuring himself whilst competing at Badminton horse trials, he had to retire from the sport. He is now head instructor at Chevalier Point Pony Club. He lives at Winterflood Farm where he keeps his horses. He is frequently seen wearing his trademark cheese-cutter cap and has a habit of always whacking his riding crop against his riding boot.

Flame and the Rebel Riders (Pony Club Secrets, Book 9)

Natasha Tucker is the antagonist of the series; snobby Natasha frequently makes fun of Issie's 'circus pony' Blaze. The bratty blonde is always making nasty remarks about Issie, and by the end of Fortune and the Golden Trophy they are full-fledged enemies. After the book Flame and The Rebel Riders , they become mildly friendly. Aidan is Hester's farm manager and later on in the series he is Issie's boyfriend even though they split up later in the series. Hester trains animals for movies with the help of her farm manager Aiden Issie's boyfriend who she later breaks up with. Hester also owns other farm animals.

Flame and the Rebel Riders - Stacy Gregg - Google книги

She has been married three times but is now divorced just like Amanda and remains single throughout the series. She calls Issie 'her favourite niece' because Issie is her only niece so it is like a joke between the two of them.

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Amanda Brown is Hester's sister and Issie's mother who works for a law firm. She is petrified of horses and is divorced just like Hester. Her husband left when Issie was nine. Amanda despised of horses so much, that at the start of the series Amanda repeatedly refuses to buy her daughter Issie a pony, despite Issie having the right amount of money. Eventually though, Amanda gives in and she and Issie get Issie a pony. Issie did also look after Victory for a while until Natasha bought him from the horse's Tulia, but then things suddenly turn around when she is given the ride on him for Badminton.

Pony Club Secrets.

She is portrayed as extremely hard to impress. Throughout the book she is shown as strict and fearless however towards the end Tara's maternal side begins to show and when she rescues Issie from the wild dog it is said she cradles her in her lap the whole way back. The Weight of Water. War Horse.

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