Political Islam in the Age of Democratization

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  1. Islam and democracy in the age of democratization
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Islam and democracy in the age of democratization

Mohammed M Hafez. Mohammed Hafez. Images of heroic Arab youths leading protests in public squares in defiance of repressive security forces augured well for the belated spread of democracy to this part of the world. Middle East Stud. Indeed, post-Arab Spring electoral victories by al- Nahda in Tunisia, the Party of Justice and Development in Morocco, and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt seemed to settle once and for all the debate between integrationists who believe that Islam ism is compatible with democracy and the eradicationists who insist on excluding Islamists from institutional politics.

Therefore, this book is overtaken by events and, regrettably, cannot help us understand the present or future trajectory of political Islam in the context of repression Bahrain , counterrevolution Egypt , and bloody civil war Syria, Yemen, and Libya. What we are left with are political Islamists in prisons facing the gallows, and in the battlefield fighting a plethora of adversaries that are too nebulous to name. Bokhari and Senzai offer a useful introduction to the range of Islamist actors in the Muslim world, explaining how diversity is a much more salient theme in Islamism than unity.

Although the MB has fallen out of favor in Egypt, they continue to seek participation within the Egyptian democratic system, and compete with emerging Islamist parties who promise the democracy and Islam in politics that the MB failed to deliver while in power. A slightly more complex group of political Islamists are the conditionalists, who as defined by the authors, must participate in the institutions of their environment, but see a fundamental conflict between divine sovereignty, and the human sovereignty offered by democracy.

There is an ongoing debate on the permissibility of democratic participation between political and apolitical Salafis.

Political Islam in the Age of Democratization | Βιβλία Public

A faction of Salafis formed the Islamic Salafi Alliance, a Salafi political party, in , which has been a main player in the Kuwaiti parliamentary government since its inception. Apolitical Salafis criticize this activism in a governmental structure they see as un-Islamic, while the political Salafis suggest it is a means of spreading the message of Islam and stymieing domination of the country by secularists.

The strength of this work is its careful detail in providing an objective summary of the historical development, key players, and watershed moments in the evolution of political Islam in the context of democratization. To cover the complexity and diversity of political development in this region spanning a multitude of countries and history is an impressive feat. What is more impressive is the simple and systematic organization of the book, which makes the information easily digestible to a variety of audiences. For those seeking to gain knowledge of the nuances of the political systems of the Muslim world from a historical perspective, as well as to understand the contemporary changes happening in the region, it is an invaluable tool, encapsulating vast amounts of information in a single book.

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It provides an outstanding piece of literature for a coursework reading list on political Islam, as well as an ideal read for someone looking to become informed on the subject in one stop. Academics in this field, however, might find that the wider analysis of the political realities in the context of democratization theory are somewhat buried under the historical overviews for each case study, which comprise the bulk of the material.

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Furthermore, the discussion of AKP in Turkey as a post-Islamist secularized political party is not fully convincing, nor does this case study further the arguments made throughout the book on the compatibility and sustainability of Islam and democracy, rather it appears to contravene them. Her research interests include immigration and integration policy, European governance, and Middle Eastern politics.

She is currently conducting research on European foreign policy and the future of the Common Foreign Security Policy. Read more reviews by Amani. Click here to cancel reply. Explore the latest social science book reviews by academics and experts.

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Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Political Islam in the Age of Democratization. Description The continued prominence of Islam in the struggle for democracy in the Muslim world has confounded Western democracy theorists who largely consider secularism a prerequisite for democratic transitions. Kamran Bokhari and Farid Senzai offer a comprehensive view of the complex nature of contemporary political Islam and its relationship to democracy.

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